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September 2022

The sky is a brilliant blue today, and the sunlight now has that mellow quality of late summer that brings a gentle warmth to the garden. September here is a time of harvesting the beans (photo), tomatoes, courgettes and potatoes. I have grown Darby Striped tomatoes for the first time, and have saved the seed for next year, as we love their taste and rather exotic appearance! Unfortunately I made a mistake when sowing my peppers this year as they have all turned out to be chilies! I must label my seeds more carefully in future! In-between garden jobs I am working on Christmas cards ready for sending to galleries this month and adding more work to the Christmas Shop here on the website. Please remember you will need to re-register here if you were previously registered on the old website. All cards and unframed work are now FREE delivery; one flat rate of £5.50 for framed work, no matter how many items are in your basket.


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