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This year I began working on Christmas cards in July so by now the collection is well under way! It seems so funny to be stitching snowmen and puddings in high summer, but as every piece of hand-stitched work takes time to make, I have to plan ahead. As you will see, my new website has a dedicated 'Christmas' department to which I will be adding more cards and gift ideas in the months leading up to Christmas. I am showing twelve framed works in a local Art Exhibition to be held in St Clement's Church Grainthorpe (LN11 7JR) over the August Bank Holiday weekend so if you are nearby you might like to come along to the show!

The unusually hot and dry summer weather has taken rather a toll on our garden this year, but flowers still brighten things up here and there albeit in a rather tangly way. The many baby birds are showing more adult plumage now, and the little robins are gaining an orange blush over their speckled fronts. I am so happy to see so many bumblebees again this year, and my little 'bee hotel' has had many guests this summer. When daily life is stressful and full of worries, watching the birds and bees at work and play always helps to bring comfort and calmness of mind.

Welcome to my new shop! Thank you for buying from me in the past, and if you are new to my work, I hope you enjoy your first purchase. Please note existing customers will need to create a new account when purchasing items.

There is now FREE DELIVERY on all greetings cards, sent 1st Class by Royal Mail.

If you ever encounter any problems making your purchase or registering as a new customer, please email me: or phone 01507 358838 and I will be happy to help. There can sometimes be hiccups when using a new site on different devices such as mobile phones, but we are continually trying to keep everything running smoothly for you! Thank you for coming to my website today, I hope you enjoy your visit. Helen

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