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At last some warmer weather! May is such a beautiful month here when the garden really wakes up, the unkempt wisteria bursting forth, just overlapping with the fading cherry blossom. I grow plants from seed, many saved from last year’s flowers and vegetables, and they are nearly ready to plant out now, although I shall await a benign spell of weather.


The birds are very hungry these days; my tame robin takes food from my hand each morning as I prepare their breakfast bird table mix. It is wonderful to hear their songs, and yesterday I heard the cuckoo for the first time this year, always a moment of joy for me.


I am hoping for a spell of calm weather so I can photograph some more new work; I have pegged my prices despite the latest rise in postage – all cards are still post free.


Thank you for visiting my website, your interest in my work is much appreciated.

I wish you a warm and sunny May, full of the joys of Spring!



When the ‘clocks change’ other things change too. The longer days bring with them an awareness of the accelerating Spring growth all around us, the mower comes out of the shed and once again the noisy rooks in the churchyard sit atop their swaying twiggy nests high up in the sycamore trees. Indoors we change the full-length heavy curtain hung across an old door in winter, for a light cotton flowery one just covering the glass panes in the top half of the door. The washing line is re-attached to the willow tree and the clothes prop is found and repaired, again!


It has been difficult photographing my work, which I do outside for light quality, due to the many days of rain and wind throughout the winter and early Spring. It should become easier now with the longer hours of stronger sunshine and hopefully calmer weather, which will brighten our days in every way! I add new work to my shop here every few days, and you can click the ‘notify when available’ button to be advised when an out of stock item becomes available again.












The traditional rhyme speaks of March winds and April showers - we seem to have both today as I write this on the first of March. The winds are more like gales, the showers more like torrential rain! I took this photo in March a few years ago, honeybees feeding on the Alder catkins in our garden, so there is hope that Spring might not be too far away, although it is difficult to believe it today!


Kelmscott Manor, William Morris’ former home in Lechlade opens for visitors again in April, and as usual I am making a collection of my cards for their Gift Shop using William Morris fabrics and embroidery. I always enjoy this project at the start of the year. It is a beautiful house to visit if you are ever in the area.


There are signs of Spring despite the awful weather; the weeping willow is shimmering with a bright green haze of tiny leaves just beginning to appear, the chives are up and big enough to be snipped to garnish the Cullen Skink, and the bladed leaves of the irises are shooting up, taller every day. Next month we may hear the cuckoo – a joyful thought to gladden the heart!







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