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January 2023

A new year begins today, and the sun is shining. It is a time for fresh calendars on the wall and if, like me, you keep a diary, the smooth crisp page in the new book awaits the first thoughts of 2023. Last year I made the only resolution I think I have ever kept, which was to write numbers more carefully and clearly to avoid confusion later. I have yet to think of one to match it for simplicity and usefulness for this year!

I am currently working on a collection of William Morris themed cards for Kelmscott Manor gift shop (Morris’s one time Oxfordshire home) which re-opens in April and have just completed a commission to celebrate a new baby’s birth. I hope to soon begin designing some single bee embroideries for cards whilst imagining those summer days when they are buzzing about everywhere in our cottage garden here.

It is not an easy time for many of us; amidst the many viruses and anxieties we face it can be difficult some days to feel happy. The special times we share with our friends and families and the loving wishes we send each other with cards and gifts always brings a smile and feeling of connection, sometimes great comfort and joy. I am always happiest when sewing and hope that my work continues to bring a little happiness to others too.


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