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February 2023

February hosts Valentine’s Day and once again I have been asked to supply heart cards to various galleries and shops that sell my work. I first began designing with hearts after a friend took me to the Shaker Shop in London over twenty years ago which was my introduction to American Folk Art. The Shaker prayer ‘Hands to work, Hearts to God’ is often depicted with a heart and hand. Later I noticed hearts in the Arts and Crafts movement, sometimes as a cut out shape in the back of a simple wooden chair. The heart always seems to bring a feeling of life and hope, as well as love. My heart cards can be found in the drop-down menu in the main Cards category.

The winter-flowering honeysuckle, usually the first to be visited by awakening bumblebees, is now in bloom (photograph) and the Rooks are back in the churchyard making a racket again. The Churchyard is also home to tawny owls, to be heard t-wit-t-wooing at night, and the woodpecker drums loudly on the trees in the mornings. Those resting in peace don’t get much peace, but these joyful sounds all tell of Spring just around the corner!


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