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December 2022

The St Martin’s Summer eventually left us, as we all knew it would one day, and now it feels very much colder. Here on the Lincolnshire east coast marshes the mist lingers all day long, shrouding everything in ‘foggy foggy dew’ to quote from the old folk song of that title by Marty Robbins. If I listen carefully, sometimes in the stillness I can hear the cries of the seals who are gathered in great number on the nearby beaches, giving birth to their little white fluffy pups. But in the chilly gloom there are now many lights appearing, twinkling amongst the trees, and around front doors in the lane, bringing some Christmas cheer to things.

The church opposite our cottage has seen more than 800 Christmases and will once again be welcoming villagers in for carol singing and comfort in difficult times.

Recently I have been designing and sewing a couple of framed Birth Samplers which I love to do, stitching in the little one’s names and birth day date. I regularly add new work to my shop here; look out for items flagged with a little green ’sale’ sign in the top left-hand corner which means they are reduced in price.

I took this photograph from the garden, looking across the fields on Christmas morning a few years ago.


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