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'Patchwork' (Feedsack Fabrics)

'Patchwork' (Feedsack Fabrics)


I have made this miniature 'patchwork' from pieces of vintage Americal feedsack fabrics dating from 1920s-40s, hand stitching everything into place, including some little heart shapes. The fabrics are beautiful and this piece of hand-stitch is a lovely way to display these vintage gems. 

Now highly collectable, 'Feedsack' vintage printed cottons were used originally in America for the packaging of flour, sugar and grain. Thrifty housewives began to collect the colourful cotton bags recycling them into quilts, undergarments, tablecloths etc.  I have used some very old pieces to make this miniature textile, thereby continuing the recycling tradition and enabling you to have a little piece of history on your wall!

The work is framed in a plain light wood frame which works well in any setting 10"/25cm square. The work is signed and has my studio stamp on the back, as well as a note about the history of feedsack fabrics. 


1st Class Royal Mail delivery £5.50 which is a 'flat rate' charge, you will only pay this once no matter how many items are added to your basket!


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