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March 2024

The traditional rhyme speaks of March winds and April showers - we seem to have both today as I write this on the first of March. The winds are more like gales, the showers more like torrential rain! I took this photo in March a few years ago, honeybees feeding on the Alder catkins in our garden, so there is hope that Spring might not be too far away, although it is difficult to believe it today!


Kelmscott Manor, William Morris’ former home in Lechlade opens for visitors again in April, and as usual I am making a collection of my cards for their Gift Shop using William Morris fabrics and embroidery. I always enjoy this project at the start of the year. It is a beautiful house to visit if you are ever in the area.


There are signs of Spring despite the awful weather; the weeping willow is shimmering with a bright green haze of tiny leaves just beginning to appear, the chives are up and big enough to be snipped to garnish the Cullen Skink, and the bladed leaves of the irises are shooting up, taller every day. Next month we may hear the cuckoo – a joyful thought to gladden the heart!








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