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June 2024

Irises seem to be gaining in popularity and I noticed several were featured again this year in the Chelsea Flower Show gardens. A relative has childhood memories of visiting the artist and Iris breeder Cedric Morris at Benton End in Suffolk many years ago. Cedric’s Irises are now much sought-after for their beautifully subtle colours and forms and we have a small collection here. We particularly love this one called ‘Benton Deidre’. The iris season is fleeting; all too soon the glorious blooms are spent, but they bring much joy whilst they last.

The rain continues here, and the lawn is once again too wet to mow, although it is keenly nibbled at by numerous rabbits this year. They are very sweet, but terribly destructive, demolishing stems in the borders in order to eat the flowers!


I am putting together a new collection of cards for the shop at Kelmscott Manor  (William Morris’s wonderful old home in Lechlade, well worth a visit if you are in the area). I have been designing ‘naïve-style’ trees inspired by wall paintings in a 17th Century church in Norway; I will be adding these cards to my shop here this month. Hopefully there will be some June sunshine to brighten things up a bit after all the rain! 




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Susan Lloyd
May 31

Would love to see the cards at Kelmcott,,,a big William Morris fan and a fan of your cards !

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