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July 2024

July is the month for sweet peas! Last year I decided to save the seed pods remaining on the last of the sweet peas, drying them and packing them away safely in my seed tin. I had grown a wide mixture of named varieties, all scented, and wondered if they would have cross-pollinated to produce some pretty surprises. These are some of the ones grown from those seeds; the plants are stronger and bigger than the shop bought cultivars. An example of hybrid vigour maybe?


July is also the month I begin working on Christmas cards as a good number are needed to fulfil gallery and shop orders; stock is usually needed in September, so I have to start early!

There is a ‘Christmas’ tab on the Home Page here, so if you are an 'early bird' and don’t want to miss out on particular designs which may not be re-stocked, you might like to take a look!






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