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July 2023

As the 2022 film title says: Everything everywhere all at once! That is how it feels here just now, as every time I set foot in the garden I see another job (or ten) to attended to; the fullness and exuberance of all the flowers and vegetables in the July garden never cease to amaze me. I am making pesto this year for the first time as the basil has grown so large and leafy it seems a pity not to save some for future eating. Weather still very mixed up here on the east coast with cool days of cloud and wind followed the next week by brilliant sunshine and intense heat; a variety of clothes kept handy for what the forecasters term ‘changeable’ weather!

As usual in July I am preparing framed works for an art exhibition in the nearby village of Grainthorpe over the Bank Holiday weekend. It is a lovely festival, do come along if you are in the area.

July is also the month I begin to design and stitch for Christmas!


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