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February 2024

A beautiful sunny morning to begin the new month! I have just photographed these snowdrops clustering around the old willow tree in our garden. They are such a joyful sight each year, and as Wordsworth writes in his poem To a Snowdrop:  ‘Welcome as a Friend’. Later in the poem he writes ‘Chaste Snowdrop, venturous harbinger of Spring, and pensive monitor of fleeting years!’


There are now other signs of Spring, like the drumming of the woodpeckers in the churchyard opposite our cottage, and I have seen a bluetit popping in and out of the bird box, just inspection and cleaning at this stage I imagine!


I have added more sale items to my shop here, to make way for new stock so do have a browse, maybe some reduced price Christmas cards to put away for next year. (They are in the Christmas shop, Christmas tab on Home Page).


As I watch the sun climb higher each day and the afternoons brighten, I am happily stitching bunnies and lambs once again whilst imagining the buzz of bees and joyful birdsong which are just around the corner! 






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