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April 2024

When the ‘clocks change’ other things change too. The longer days bring with them an awareness of the accelerating Spring growth all around us, the mower comes out of the shed and once again the noisy rooks in the churchyard sit atop their swaying twiggy nests high up in the sycamore trees. Indoors we change the full-length heavy curtain hung across an old door in winter, for a light cotton flowery one just covering the glass panes in the top half of the door. The washing line is re-attached to the willow tree and the clothes prop is found and repaired, again!


It has been difficult photographing my work, which I do outside for light quality, due to the many days of rain and wind throughout the winter and early Spring. It should become easier now with the longer hours of stronger sunshine and hopefully calmer weather, which will brighten our days in every way! I add new work to my shop here every few days, and you can click the ‘notify when available’ button to be advised when an out of stock item becomes available again.













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