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May 2023

The blossom has taken a while to open here this year as the cold weather held it back, but at last the apple, pear, cherry and quince are out, each in their own colour and form. Stiff sea breezes up here on the east coast marshes bring showers of petals down, but I am happy to say that there are many bees, of all kinds, busily at work even on dull days. As Shakespeare wrote ‘Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May’.

You may notice that I am gradually introducing a few slightly larger cards, which are labelled as such; the price structure is a little different for these due to the adjustments needed to post them, given the size/thickness restrictions and price increases introduced by Royal Mail in April. (All the card prices include 1st class postage). I am making them available as singles, duos, trios and the popular six card selections. The unit price of each card reduces the more cards there are in the bundle.

The birds I have fed throughout the winter are now nesting around our cottage garden once more, including several new visitors. A Reed Bunting, previously unknown to me despite being classed ‘common’ and a charming pair of Pied Wagtails bob around the pond most days. These little creatures always lift my spirits with their fluttering wings and joyful songs!


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