About me

I was born in Kent but have lived most of my life in rural Lincolnshire, enjoying the peace and beauty of this little known county. Over the years I developed my interest in needlework of all kinds, studying both traditional and contemporary embroidery techniques with City and Guilds which led me into designing my own work, dyeing fabrics and threads, and taking on commissions.
Outside studio
All my work is hand-stitched, I do not use a machine, so every piece of my work is unique. I enjoy working in our cottage garden, writing, spinning and dyeing wool, reading and gentle country walks. My husband and I have three grown-up children between us, who live in other places, but we share our home with Timmy the black and white cat, who turned up very thin and unhappy at the back door on a frosty morning, many years ago; he’s not at all thin or unahppy now! We also have a medley of hens at the bottom of the garden.
Inside the studio
Shippen is the old country name for a cow shed, which is what my studio building was used for originally!